Weekly newsletter - Monday 5th of July 2010

Link to us! SMEasure has undergone quite a few changes over the last months, with new website design, content and features introduced. One of the new exciting elements is the possibility for SMEasurers to show their green credentials by adding the SMEasure logo and catchphrase: “We are acting now for a lower carbon future and supporting University of Oxford research” to their website. You can import the logo and moto directly from here.

Greening Glastonbury 2010 - Video Catherine and I headed to the exceptionally sunny Glastonbury festival last week end. Catherine featured in a Euronews programme on Greening Glastonbury. The UK music industry annually produces over half a million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and of that festivals account for probably at least 15%. Catherine estimated that this is equivalent to over 80,000 tonnes of CO2 – which corresponds to a town of 8,000 people’s personal emissions for a year. Check out the video, here.

Little Angel Theatre- Event The Little Angel Theatre are inviting one and all to their Summer Party in Islington on July 10th. This year there is an environmental theme to the day as we mark the end of our show, Fabulous Flutterbys, and officially launch a number of green projects. The Little Angel is part of the Theatre Trust’s Ecovenue initiative, aiming to improve the environmental sustainability of 48 small- to medium-sized performing arts spaces across London. One element of this scheme has involved signing up to SMEasure, providing weekly meter readings. Meet the team behind Ecovenue and the theatre’s technical department who will demonstrate how SMEasure works, and how you can sign up at home to Imeasure. There will also be information on how the theatre has started a green wall and a new sustainable drainage scheme through Islington Council’s Climate Change Adaptation Fund, as well as all the usual shows, puppet making workshops, theatre tours, puppet demonstrations and most importantly, the cake stall! And it’s all free! Join us from 13:00 – 17:00 at the Little Angel Theatre, Dagmar Passage, London N1 2DN. See the Little Angel Theatre website for more information.

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