Subject: Graphing - what do you want to see?

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26 Jan, 2009 04:03 PM

We are going to be working on the graphs in SMEasure. The graphs can be viewed in the buildings tab. We would really like to hear from you about what information you most want to see presented graphically in SMEasure.

There are 2 types of graphs:

1) Summary graphs

These are currently line graphs showing either gas/electricity use, money spend or carbon emissions overtime. Hovering your mouse over data points enables you to see the use, spend or emissions for that date.

Things we could do - what do you think?

a) Ability to tag events with a data point - e.g. heating goes off, boiler serviced etc.

b) Select time period - e.g. last 6 months, year (fiscal or calendar)

c) Display gas or only electricity use separately

d) Monthly bar charts of energy consumptiob broken down by gas and electricity

e) Exportable graphs to share with staff

f) Improved legends

g) Other ideas?

2) Analysis graphs

These graphs give you information about your building's energy performance. At the moment these graphs' are not complete, as they need more labelling and explanation. We will be providing example illustrations and explanation so you will be able to easily understand what is going on with you own buildings energy performance.

Please do comment here or email me directly to let us know what graphic information you want in SMEasure.

Thank you, Catherine

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