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Simply add your meter readings weekly — no equipment, outlay or prior knowledge needed
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Why SMEasure?

Contribute to Leading Research

Your energy data will be contributing to leading building research being done by the Lower Carbon Futures (LCF) in the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford. This much needed energy data will be used anonymously for research that will help inform energy policy, investment and programmes to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefit from University of Oxford Expertise

Benefit from University of Oxford Expertise: Our building energy research feeds directly into SMEasure to ensure we are giving the best information to businesses about energy savings potential.

Want to know more about using weather
data in building energy management?

Weather Energy Analysis

Good energy monitoring needs to take into account weather conditions.

In the UK, heating of a building is a significant source of energy use and is influenced by outside temperatures. Taking into account weather conditions, or degree-day analysis, is used to both detect changes in a building's energy performance and to quantify successes in good energy management.

SMEasure automatically incorporates weekly heating degree-days to help your business accurately monitor energy use seasonally. This information is presented clearly to you, and so will need no prior knowledge of degree-day analysis to get the full benefits of energy monitoring.

A performance chart

A performance chart

SMEasure will be free whilst in beta, after which you'll be able to continue to use SMEasure for free or upgrade to a paid plan to access premium features.